Return and Exchange Policy

The Puffer Jackets has been constantly improving the quality and standards of operation to ensure that the customer has the best experience with us. All of the policies are fair, and leverage the buyer to enjoy an edge. Every garment prepared here goes through very strict evaluation, and checks all the boxes of being labeled as a “highest-quality jacket”.

However, despite perfection, there is always room for uncertainties. To make sure the buyer does not regret the purchase, we give them the favor of a return or exchange policy. To avail return/exchange policy, one or more than one circumstance needs to be fulfilled.


The Puffer Jacket is renowned in the marketplace for offering an unbeatable quality! But in case, the delivered product doesn’t satisfy your expectations, the buyer can claim a return. In return, two situations are applicable.

  • The delivered product was torn/damaged.
  • The delivered product was not what the buyer ordered.

In the above two mentioned situations, the company owns the responsibility to return the product, and bear additional charges. However, the following mentioned 3 things need to be kept in mind while claiming the return:

  • The return needs to be claimed within 8 to 10 days of the delivery,
  • Evidence of the damage needs to be presented, which will be analyzed by the quality assurance team. At this stage, honesty is highly expected from the buyer’s end. A video, or picture needs to be attached, so the request can be processed,
  • Shipping charges are not refunded as we do not keep them but pay the logistics company.


Exchange policies are applicable when a buyer wishes to get their purchased item altered, or encounters an issue with the product. If a wrong size or color has been sent, or a mistake has been made by us, the company would bear the shipping or additional charges.

However, if the buyer made a wrong choice in the first place and wishes to get the product exchanged, they would be liable for shipping and other charges.

Steps to Claim a Return

  • To make a return claim, the following steps needs to be followed:
  • Reach out to the customer support team, explain the issue, and attach a clear picture/video that vouches for the problem.
  • The customer support would analyze it, and respond to you accordingly,
  • If the issue is found genuine, the warehouse address is shared with the buyer. They can ship back the product to the address.
  • The refund would be made once the product reaches the warehouse. The payment can take up to 10 to 12 days.

Return request will not be accepted, if:

  • The product doesn’t contain the tag,
  • You have thrown out the real packaging,
  • The evidence fails to testify the problem of the product,
  • You accepted a broken seal package,
  • Your order was customized. This is because customized orders are solely designed for a specific client, including design, color, and size. It cannot be sold to any other buyer.

The Puffer Jackets reserves the right to refuse any return or exchange request. In case of any confusion, doubts, or queries, you may reach out to customer support to get them resolved.

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