Refund Policy

  1. The Puffer Jackets religiously exercises the best customer-focused policies to assure that the buyer is satisfied with the service. However, in case of any uncertain circumstances arises, we are right here to resolve the concerns. To assure you get the best value for your money, we practice a refund policy too. The policy favors the client and allows them to get a complete refund if any one or more than one situation happens:
  2. The delivered product is damaged. If a damaged product was sent to you, we owe you the complete amount, excluding shipping charges. However, to make the claim, proof of damage needs to be present at the time of the claim.
  3. The wrong product was sent to you. In case, if the delivered product is not what you ordered, you can either get the product exchanged, or demand a refund. However, this is only implemented, if the mistake happened from our end. If the buyer placed a wrong order, the refund shall not be made, however, the product can be exchanged. Please refer to the exchange policies for further assistance.
  4. A refund cannot be claimed if the ordered product was delivered right, and now you have changed your mind. Issues like “there’s a color difference”, or “I expected something else” are not catered to, and no refund shall be processed for such claims.
  5. The refund process shall be instantly stopped, and not resume again if the other party fails to respond within 24 hours. The constant presence of the buyer is mandatory during the refund procedure.
  6. We expect buyers to be patient during the process, since customer support is always working to resolve the issues, and it might take some time to resolve yours. After you drop a refund request via email, wait for 24 hours before writing another one.
  7. We try our best to get the orders delivered on time, without any delay. If the order gets delayed due to logistics, we owe no refund for that but might compensate some % of the total amount.
  8. A refund can only be made through the payment channel, the client used to make the payment. No other payment channels are used.
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