Frequently Asked Questions

What’s unique about The Puffer Jacket?

Quality and customer service are two-fold unique attributes of the company, which make us stand out in the marketplace. Every piece of garment receives utmost care from professionals to ensure quality. Before the final delivery, quality assurance ensures that the product is perfect in all attributes.

How do you make puffer jackets?

That’s a long process! The experts make the full-grain leather available under their own supervision to ensure that there is no infusion in it. After the purest form of leather is achieved it is further sent to the manufacturing outlet to get processed and transformed into an alluring jacket. The struggle behind every garment is indefinable.

Who are the craftsmen at The Puffer Jackets?

The experts have been performing a similar role for 10 years. We have been constantly schooling our craftsmen to blend innovative methods with a hint of traditional methods. The craftsmen are rigorously supervised by the quality assurance team to make certain that the produced jackets comply with the highest standards.

How long does it take to get the order delivered?

Anywhere around 5 to 7 working days, depending upon the location of the client. International deliveries might require a little more time. In case you need any jackets urgently, you can get in touch with the customer support team. The order can be tracked through the tracking portal, available on the website.

What if I wish to cancel an order because I changed my mind?

That is possible under certain situations and an order cancellation policy will be implemented. However, customer support is always available to get the issues resolved. If any concern or doubt is leading you towards order cancellation, get in touch with the customer support representatives. For the refund, some policies would be implemented.

How to place an order for a puffer jacket?

You can scroll through the online store, and add jackets to the cart. Once they have been added, you can proceed to the checkout and fill in the details. A confirmation email would be sent to you, and your order will be processed. In case you don’t get a confirmation email, wait for 6 to 8 hours and inform customer support about this.

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