Order Cancellation Policy

The Puffer Jackets focuses on customer experience and makes sure they have the best experience with us. However, sometimes due to indefinable reasons, a customer might no longer want a product and wishes to cancel the order. We leverage the buyer to cancel the order, and pay them the refund too, under certain situations. If you no longer need a product, or you have changed your mind, you can reach out to customer support for the process.

While an order is canceled, one, or more than one polices is meant to be implemented.

  • The order needs to be canceled within 24 hours to 48 hours of the order placement. Cancellation requests made after this specific span might not be catered to. If the cancellation request is made within the dedicated time, a complete refund shall be made, along with a full refund of shipping charges.
  • Orders canceled after 48 hours will only receive a 70% of refund of the total cost of the ordered jacket. Shipping charges will be 100% refunded to the buyer.
  • An order canceled after 72 hours will not be entertained, and no refund will be made except for the shipping charges. This is because the order would have already been ready to dispatch. End-moment cancellation can bring loss to The Puffer Jackets.
  • After the order is dispatched, cancellation requests might not be catered to. In case the order is canceled by the customer’s end or rejected without any reason, the refund shall not be made. Shipping charges will also NOT BE REFUNDED.
  • An order does not need to be canceled if any information changes are required. For example, if you have mistakenly added the wrong address or name, you can get in touch with customer support within 24 hours to get the details altered. Reaching out to customer support after 48 hours for information changes can result in the non-execution of the request.
  • To get your order canceled, you need to get in touch with the customer support team via WhatsApp or email. It is suggested to share your order #, name, and contact details within one go, so the order can be canceled immediately.
  • Clients are requested to practice patience while making the order cancellation request. The order tends to get canceled within 48 hours. Customer support tries its best to respond to every query in the first consideration.

The Puffer Jackets reserves the right to refuse the order cancellation claim. In that case, the buyer has to carry on with the purchase. In case of any doubts, you can reach out the customer support.

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